Album: "Slash And Burn" (1993)
Label: Magii Records
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album doesn't sound at all like Schnitt Acht's previous album "Subhuman Minds". This album is an aggressive thrash guitar onslaught. It's fast paced with an electro metal feel. Guitars and drums take center stage while distorted vocals scream along with them. There are some electronics, but they are very subtle. Synths make a rare appearance every now and again. Samples are littered throughout the songs as well. But this album is basically just straight forward hard-core thrash industrial for the most part. It's a good album with energy packed songs for the mosh pit. But lately too many industrial bands are going this heavy and thrashy guitar route. Some pull it off rather well, and some don't. Schnitt Acht does a good job at it. But it's a bit disappointing that a band such as this one that started out with a very creative and experimental way of creating music has decided to now just make typical run of the mill metal guitar based industrial music that so many other bands seem to be doing these days. Schnitt Acht has lost their edge with this album. But it's still a good album if you like hard-core aggressive guitar thrashing Cyber-Core music.


Album: "Subhuman Minds" (1991)
Label: Cheetah Records
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album features very well produced music that is at a medium to fast pace. The synths are very harmonic, moody, and dark. They are up front, and performed extremely well. They are the melodic background for the catchy electronic rhythms and beats. The drum beats are tribal, and blend in perfectly to create the steady flow found here. The vocals are slightly distorted, and sing in a screaming style. There are slight touches of guitar here as well. But it doesn't drown out the music. It plays with the other instruments without dominating. These songs could work well on the dance floor. They get you moving the instant that you hear them.