Album: "Less Physical Vortex" (2000)
Label: Gene Of Cube
Style: Dark experimental/industrial/darkwave
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Seij Minus aC (pronounced 'siege minus ass') is a dark haunting experimental electronic project from Japan. As far as experimental music goes, this is some of the best that I've heard before as it really contains a lot of layering and variety throughout. This music is extremely dark and twisted creating an image of horror. Dramatic orchestrated haunting synth melodies creep in the distance as samples of screaming come and go while various electronic sounds and beats overlay it all. Distant distorted male vocals talk out the lyrics like poetry while chaotic noises and effects slither in and out of the atmosphere. There's a touch of industrial and darkwave in this music as well that really helps to give it an edge. hAj is the talented individual responsible for the compositions contained here. He really shows a lot of imagination and creativity on this CD. If you enjoy dark experimental/industrial/darkwave music similar to Die Form, this CD can't be missed.