Album: "Stacked Up" (1995)
Label: The Ultimate Recording Company
Style: Industrial/Metal/Hip-Hop hybrid
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Senser sounds like what you would get if Swamp Terrorists and Pop Will Eat Itself collided. This is an industrial/metal/hip-hop hybrid band that has a funk flavor mixed in. The music is constructed with thrashy guitars, slamming drum beats, funky electronics, scratch noises, and synths. The vocals are not distorted, and are basically just hip-hop word blurting. The main vocals are male, but sometimes there are female vocals mixed into the backgound very similar to KMFDM. This approach definitely adds to the songs. Unfortunately, I only like six of the twelve songs found here. The songs that I like are "States Of Mind", "Age Of Panic", "Stubborn", "What's Going On?", "Eject", and "No Comply". These songs rock. They are very aggressive and catchy. They mix industrial, metal, and hip-hop elements together great for a very unique experience. The songs "The Key", "Switch", and "Peanut Head" are your typical boring and generic hip-hop songs with reggae and 70's funk influences. They have no industrial or metal influences in them whatsoever. And they suffer because of it. The song "Peace" is a very slow paced funky R&B style song with female singing. It's another song that I skip right past due to it not having any industrial or metal influences. The songs "One Touch One Bounce" and "Worth" are just boring instrumentals. This album is a decent debut release for Senser. At least half of the album kicks ass. But the band only experiments a little bit here. They seem to be holding back their creativity for some unknown reason. Also, the singer of the band proves in a few places that he can actually sing. But he refuses to do anything but blurt out words in a hip-hop style. The female vocalist definitely proves that she can sing. I like the hip-hop approach mixed with industrial and metal, but it gets old after a while. At least the female vocals help break up the monotony of thesongs. But I hope the band tries something completely different on their next album. Because this album proves that they have too much creativity and talent to just limit themselves to standard hip-hop music.