Album: "Demo EP"
Label: n/a
Style: Industrial Rock
Songs: 6


Reviewed by: Darklight

Serca Singularity are a difficult band to describe as they blend quite a lot of different styles on this demo. There are elements of experimental noisy electronic programming and beats along with guitars and somewhat high pitched male singing. There is also a dark mood enveloping everything giving it a somewhat gothic sound as well. Itís as if industrial, gothic and rock all collided into one. While this sound doesnít particularly appeal to me, itís still good for what it is.

The songs play out rather experimentally with a lot of manic chaos shooting off in every direction. This music is definitely a roller coaster ride. It switches from calm beauty to aggressive mayhem constantly never allowing the listener to know whatís coming next.

The overall quality of the songs is a bit poor with a muddy and muffled recording. The music is too loud and the vocals get drowned out in the background. Basically, the band could benefit from better production.

This band proves on this demo that they are good musicians who make interesting music that blends industrial, gothic, rock and metal all into one.