Album: "Embracing The Unknown" (1997)
Label: Metropolis Records
Style: Electroindustrial
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

Orchestrated, dramatic, emotional, dark, moody and haunting industrial gothic music is what this band creates. Electronics overlaid on top of beautiful synth melodies and slightly whispered distorted growling vocals are what make up the songs delivered here. This band isn't really doing anything new or unique, but they do have a quality about them that does make them very interesting. The music has a familiar sound to it and that's what makes it so easy to enjoy right from the start. However, the sound of the album changes a bit after several listens. At first it sounds a lot like a generic Leaether Strip clone, but when the album actually sinks in that comparison doesn't really seem fair. There is a coldness here that leans more toward depression than aggression. This isn't really felt until you allow the album to grow on you. It's a lot deeper than you might realize at first. I will admit that the songs don't sound too much different from each other. They tend to play along at about the same medium moody pace. There are slight differences that make them unique from each other, but not enough to be noticed very easily. The album does flow smoothly from start to finish. The only real snag is song seven. It's an instrumental noise track with annoying scratchy electronic sounds. It kind of ruins the mood of the album a bit. It just seems out of place. But this is a minor gripe. The rest of the album makes up for this one small flaw. With only nine songs the album does go by fairly quickly, but it's an enjoyable listen while it lasts.