Album: "From The Heart" (1998)
Label: Hollows Hill Sound Recordings
Style: Variety Goth
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Shadow Project is a Rozz Williams and Eva O gothic rock band. This is the newest, and the last, Shadow Project album. Sadly Rozz Williams has passed away and will be greatly missed. However, his amazing talents can still be enjoyed on albums such as this one. This is a very powerful and emotional album packed full of passion and mood. It's very dark and cold combined with beauty and an excellent duel vocal delivery by both Rozz Williams and Eva O. These two sing in such harmony that it will not only sooth you, but also take you away on a musical journey. The music is very orchestrated and created with acoustic guitars, piano, drum programming and harmonic keyboard melodies. The singing is filled with melody and is very clean without any distortion. The lyrics are like poetry and are very well written. Some tracks are dark and haunting while others are more romantic in feel. But everything is very good here. There isn't a bad track to be found. There's nothing to skip past. This is a must for goth music fans as well as anyone that enjoys dark beautiful music with a very high quality to it.