Album: "Memories Of The Dawn"
Label: Mediatrix Publishing (2000)
Style: Gothic
Songs: 6


Reviewed by: Darklight

Do you need help falling asleep? If you do, put this Shemsu Hor CD into your audio player and youíll be out in no time. The music on this recording is so slow and dreary that it literally puts me to sleep while listening to it. Iím not even sure if I knew music could creep along so slowly until listening to this CD.

This music is basically void of beats. Itís made up of cold dark ambient melodies with a touch of acoustic guitar and piano. While the music slowly moves, deep dreary male vocals sing in slow motion over it. While overall the music is well composed, and the vocals blend well with it, itís just too slow to pull me in or hold my interest. Iím suspecting this music will be a little too slow for a lot of people. Especially for those who like gothic music little more energetic and driving.

If you enjoy extremely slow and dreary gothic music, then this CD is for you. However, if you like your gothic music to have a little punch to it, this isnít it.