Album: "Lilies of the Field" (2000)
Label: ArtOfFact Records
Style: Dark Electro Instrumentals
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Shimri is the dark electro instrumental project of Gary Dassing (Mentallo & The Fixer).

While Iím not the biggest fan of instrumental music, I do have to give credit where credit is due. The music contained on this CD is good. Gary really mixes it up a lot here with energetic electronic rhythms and beats over dark haunting melodies.

Thereís a lot of different sounds and effects always coming and going constantly while dramatic orchestrated harmonies float all around you. Thereís a dark beauty here that makes this music comfortable to listen to. And itís energetic enough to prevent you from ever losing interest.

Thereís a slight touch of experimentation included here as well making everything a little more frantic and chaotic. Just enough to keep you on edge.

I guess my only real complaint here is that there isnít a real big difference between the tracks. Everything basically sticks to the same formula and pace throughout. So once youíve heard one track, you can pretty much expect similar music the rest of the way. But it is all quite interesting and entertaining. So you wonít be bored.

If you enjoy dark experimental electro instrumentals with a driving edge, this Shimri CD is a must.