Album: "Hate Is A 4-Letter Word" (1995)
Label: Psycho Clown
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

If you're looking for a unique industrial band that includes a lot of variety in their music, you don't need to look any further. I have never heard any other band that sounds quite like Shock Therapy. They mix electro rock and synth pop elements into one musical style. The singing is clean without distortion, the guitars are live, the electronics and drum programming are very apparent, and melodic synths complete the package. This is energy packed electro rock music for the most part. But no two songs sound alike. They each include something of their own that makes them stand apart. Some songs are hard driving, aggressive, angry, and thrashy. Some are more melodic, catchy, and meant for the dance floor. There are even a couple of pop rock songs here. Nothing here is really evil or dark. It has more of an upbeat vibe all throughout it. But everything rocks and gets you moving. The music here is very catchy and just enjoyable to listen to. I like almost every song here. The diversity, creativity, emotion, and passion included in each song give this album a quality and style not found very often these days. There are a couple of pop songs here that I could have done without. But with fifteen original full length songs that include no instrumentals or filler crap, you are delivered an album packed with a lot of good songs.