Album: "Profane Groove" (1998)
Label: 21st Circutry Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Shunt are an electro industrial band that create very energetic music with sampled guitar for a heavier edge. But the music is also very electronic with high speed programming and drum beats. There are good synth melodies as well to give the music more of a melodic feel. Each song presents good rhythms and beats that would work well on the dance floor. The vocals are a little high pitched for my tastes, even when they are distorted. But they're not too bad for the most part. They do blend well with the music. They're just not as deep and brutal as I usually prefer for this style of music. There are songs here that are straight forward and energetic designed to be played in clubs, as well as songs that are more melody driven with a slight synth-pop edge. This gives the CD a good helping of variety. There's one instrumental here that is out of place. It would have probably worked if it was used as an intro or ending track, but it's kind of just thrown in the middle where it just doesn't seem to fit. While this CD is good, it does also show that the band has room to grow and mature. They're just not quite at the level of a lot of other electro industrial acts out there. But I expect great things from them in the future. For now, this CD is worth checking out if you like electro industrial music with a little guitar added in as well.