Album: "Halfway Under" (2000)
Label: n/a
Style: Heavy industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Side 3 is the heavy industrial project of Matt Slagle and Alex Violi. This self produced recording shows a lot of promise for this act, and they should definitely be able to find a label interested in them with it.

What is delivered here are dark and aggressive electro-industrial and industrial metal tracks that feature all the usual ingredients such as frantic electronic programming, sampling, haunting melodies, bass beats, occasional distorted guitar and altered deep yelling male vocals. The problem is that all of these elements are constructed like usual not really bringing anything new or different to the table. The band does mix emotions on most of their songs with the combination of both aggression and calmer more melodic moments. And while this is a nice touch, it still doesnít add enough creativity to these tracks to make them all that interesting. For the most part this is just good solid angry and aggressive dark industrial music without any frills.

When the band doesnít use guitars in their music they sound similar to Suicide Commando. I feel that their music works better without guitars as their electronic programming and keyboard harmonizing skills are quite good. Guitars just cover up their true talents and makes them sound like generic industrial metal music. Thankfully, most of the songs on this disc are pure electro. But there are the few occasions when guitars and drum beats basically create the music making it a lot less enjoyable.

The bottom line is that this is a strong release for the band. I expect even greater things from them in the future as Iím sure that they will expand their sound even more.