Album: "The Greater Wrong of the Right"
Label: Synthetic Symphony (2004)
Style: Dark industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is the much anticipated new release from industrial music pioneers Skinny Puppy, and let me tell you that it's a great return for them.

If you're getting tired of the same old industrial music, look no further than this The Greater Wrong Of The Right album. It offers so many fresh ideas mixed with classic Skinny Puppy elements that you can't help but pay close attention to it. Each and every song throws so much at you you'll never be able to follow it all.

The songs are a weird hybrid of styles including industrial, experimental, gothic, techno, trance and rock. This is a dark, twisted, chaotic and energetic audio journey that will keep you addicted. Included within the music are vocals that speak out the lyrics in a somewhat creepy style. They're sometimes clear and sometimes altered, but always interesting. The vocalist even raps on the song "Pro-Test".

The amount of variety offered throughout this album is simply stunning. There's so much happening every second that you can't help but keep listening. And it's impressive how all of this artistic music is so catchy as well.

It's obvious that a lot of time and effort was put into this album. Ogre, cEvin Key and Mark Walk must have wild imaginations to be able to create such intriguing music. There's no other band like Skinny Puppy, and that's what makes them stand out.


Album: "Remix Dystemper"
Label: Nettwerk Productions (1998)
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 13

Reviewed by: Darklight

This album features classic Skinny Puppy songs remixed by Ken Marshall, Gunter Schulz, Ogre, Mark Walk, Autechre, Neotropic, Rhys Fulber, Deftones, Adrian Sherwood, God Lives Underwater, Chris Vrenna, Guru and Josh Wink. What these musicians basically do is add in a heavy techno dance energy to the songs that they remix. While most of these songs were rather dark and cold in the past, they now explode with aggressive strength to make them really come alive and get you moving. Almost all of these songs could work out on the dance floor. I like the punch that these songs have been given, and it makes them all fresh for the present. There are a couple of slow paced experimental remixes here that are out of place, but everything else is good for the most part. This album is basically what you would expect a remix album to sound like. So if you're interested in a Skinny Puppy remix album, you can't pass this up.


Album: "The Process"
Label: American Recordings (1996)
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 11

Reviewed by: Darklight

The music here just flat out rocks. This is unlike any Skinny Puppy material that I have ever heard before. The songs found here feature electronics, synths, slightly distorted vocals, and heavy guitar. There are different changes in each and every song that make them all stand out on their own. They will be melodic, then burst with anger, then go back to being melodic again. The music here is all dark, moody, and aggressive. The beats and rhythms are very catchy with great use of electronic sounds throughout. There are a few instrumentals here that I could do without. But there are plenty enough songs with vocals to satisfy me.