Album: self-titled (1996)
Label: Cop International
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is hard-core angry aggressive guitar thrashing electro punk madness. The music is very energetic with power chords, slamming drum assaults, electronics, and screaming mad vocals. I like seven of the ten songs found here. The songs that rock are "Deadweight Loss", "Values Here", "Stuck", "Frostbite", "Think", "Shadow", and "Life Unfolds". Each of these songs are meant for the mosh pit. They just rage. But the song "Backdown" is extremely repetitive, and gets old quickly. The song "Slow Time" earns its name because it's an extremely slow, mellow, dull, drab, and boring song. The song "Chick Pea 14" is just a short instrumental. But these are the only bad songs to be found here. The seven songs that I mentioned that I like make this a must have album for Cyber-Core music fans.