Album: "Necromancy" (1997)
Label: Cop International
Style: Electro Goth
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band creates electro/goth hybrid music. It has an old school goth sound mixed with electro industrial. The music is dark, dramatic and energetic almost like EBM. The vocals are very deep, moody and sing with great emotion and passion. However, the two don't always seem to go together very well. I noticed that some tracks begin with energy paced electronic rhythms and beats and I expect the vocals to sing along at the same pace. However, they come in singing slow and dreary not really blending with the music. On other tracks the music is more relaxed and the vocals fit perfectly. Just as there are synth-pop style songs that sound a lot like Depeche Mode where the vocals sing with a little more intensity. The singer does sing raw and rough in a few places and I prefer when he does that. It just seems a lot more appropriate for the music. My main problem here is that I see the potential for a great electro industrial band and they kind of ruin it by only taking that element of their music half way. Even with their modern programming techniques they are still too gothic for me. It's as if they are teasing me with the electronic music just to let me down by including so many gothic overtones. But this is their style and I know that there are many people out there that will appreciate it. The music here is very dark, beautiful and orchestrated. The singer is very talented. However, I do feel that also having a female singer would have made these songs even better. The bottom line is thatthis is a very quality release and fans of goth music with male vocals will love it. Fans of synth-pop bands such as Depeche Mode will also enjoy it. But if you are a fan of electro industrial music, this is probably too gothic for you.