Album: "Portable Fiction"
Label: n/a
Style: Synth-Pop
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This three man synth-pop band from Sweden are very good. They deliver clean and polished upbeat electro-pop songs with quality singing. Every song here is good featuring well layered electronic programming/sequencing/sampling combined with beautiful keyboard melodies and deep passionate vocals. The CD begins with the melodic and enchanting instrumental "Enter" which begins this electronic journey of sounds perfectly. The CD continues strong with one great track after another to the end. The songs are well placed and make the album a smooth and enjoyable audio experience from start to finish. All of the songs do a superb job of blending uplifting melodies with energetic rhythms and beats. However, there are some things about this band that prevent them from ranking up there with other current synth-pop greats such as Beborn Beton and Neuroactive. First of all, these songs are too happy sounding. Everything has a cheerful feel to it that I just don't really care for in the music that I listen to. Secondly, the music has a bit of an old school '80s sound to it. Basically, it sounds like it was recorded in the '80s as opposed to recently. While I think that this was the intention, I prefer more modern sounding synth-pop music myself. I just feel that this band would sound better and have more of an edge if they were a bit darker and slightly more aggressive. But if you prefer a happier more uplifting style of synth-pop music, this CD is a quality choice.