Album: "Patterns" (1997)
Label: Elektra Entertainment
Style: Techno/Acid House
Songs: 3


Reviewed by: Nicholas

The first track on this CD combines elements of techno, noisy industrial, ambient, and symphonics. It begins with low drones that slowly combine and rise until a noisy industrial rhythm kicks in and surprises the listener. It sounds like something Autechre or Imminent starvation might do, and I was pleased that Speedy J had improved his sound. The beat gets harder and squishy electro sound begin to creep in, all culminating in synthetic strings being added for a really enjoyable song. I loved how the music was constantly shifting to new and unexpected areas and I was all prepared to announce techno's triumphant return as a legitimate art form. But, while I was still in shock of how great a piece the first track was, the second track began. What comes next on the CD is a sudden, jolting change in style from some nice electronic music to throw-away acid house. At first I could get into the beat even though it was simple and repetitive, but ten minutes just seems like too long for a track with so few changes. The third track was slightly better at first because I wasn't sick of the rhythm yet, but after ten minutes I found that no matter how funky the beat is I will grow bored. This music was meant for 1993, not 1997. Apparently Jochem knows that this is a weak release and stuck a Patterns screen saver on to please the consumers. Well, the disc is weak and so is the screen saver. Even the first track cannot save it, since there is a version of it available on the Public Energy No. 1 album that you can enjoy without having to deal with the other two songs.