Album: self-titled (1996)
Label: The Blatant Shape
Style: Goth
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is dark, melodic and ambient gothic music with soothing female vocals. It's created with a keyboard making it rather dramatic with an experimental and orchestrated edge. The mood is very mellow and dreary with a cold and depressing feel mixed with poetry. Nothing ever really gets moving here. Everything plays at the same slow pace. This is very relaxing music. I don't feel that there is a lot of creativity or diversity here as all of the songs basically sound the same. It's nothing new. This is another goth band that will get lost in the crowd. They don't deliver anything original to make them stand out. I actually find this music to be rather dull, drab and boring. There's nothing about it that pulled me in. I will admit that the quality of the music is very good and the singing is excellent. So it's quite obvious that this band does indeed have talent. It's just a shame that they waste it on generic music such as this.