Album: "Door In The Dragon's Throat" (1995)
Label: Lithic Music
Style: Goth
Songs: 21


Reviewed by: Darklight

Right when this album begins it has a familar sound to it. It's traditional goth music with beautiful female vocals. Think of maybe Siouxsie with a darker edge and less of a pop vibe. The music is created strictly with guitar, bass and drums. Although I prefer goth music with keyboards used to add a dramatic, orchestrated and haunting edge, Stone 588 is able to create mood with their organic instruments. There is talent here and it's proven on each of the 21 tracks. While the music creates the overall feel, Terri Kennedy helps to carry the songs along with her diverse and emotional voice. This band is indeed a team effort and mix all of their skills together to create some very powerful songs. Everything is good here. There is nothing that you will want to skip past. Once you press play on your stereo you are lost in the world that this band creates and can't help but continue listening. There is a lot of variety to be enjoyed due to the fact that there are songs here that rock hard and heavy as well as songs that are more melodic, beautiful and soothing. The bottom line is that if you like goth music, you just can't go wrong with this album.