Album: "Pain Implantations" (1998)
Label: Malignant Records
Style: Ambient/experimental/noise
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

I will admit that I don't like ambient/experimental/noise sound art. At least not to listen to as music. When it's included in video games or film for certain scenes that is fine. That is where it belongs in my opinion. But to put it in a stereo and listen to it by itself just does not make any sense to me. The material found on this album is various ambient sound effects and nothing else. It's very dark, cold and mellow. There just isn't a lot happening with anything here. For the most part it sounds like wind sounds and annoying static sounds all mixed together with other loud and obnoxious sound effects that come and go. Some of this could be considered noise as well since that is basically all that it is. I have heard this similar style of work by other bands and they at least get a little more creative and mix things up a bit with some rhythms and beats and electronic music. But this band simply makes ambient sounds and noises and does nothing else. Every track here sounds almost exactly the same. There is no variety. There just isn't anything here that I could picture anyone wanting to actually sit down and listen to. It's annoying and gets on your nerves. If people that like industrial and goth music are meant to like this ambient sound art stuff as well, I guess I'm just not like other fans of industrial and goth music because I personally can't stand this ambient/experimental/noise stuff. If you enjoy listening to dark and cold wind sounds mixed with noise then you will probably enjoy this album. Otherwise, it won't appeal to you at all.