Album: "Armageddon"
Label: WTII Records (2002)
Style: Electro-industrial/EBM/Synth-pop
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

When I first put this CD into my stereo and listened to the opening track "Terrorist", I knew instantly that Stromkern had their own sound. "Terrorist" is created by funky experimental electro sounds and beats while male vocals shout out the words in a fast rap style for the verses and sing powerful for the chorus. This song instantly grabbed me and made me want to shake my groove thing. The album continues to have a fresh and different sound throughout.

Stromkern does a great job of genre mixing on this release combining elements of electro-industrial, EBM and dark synth-pop. Basically, the electronic rhythms and beats are energetic and driving over nice melodies while deep male vocals sing in a lot of various styles from fast spoken rap to melodic crooning. The songs, while catchy, are rather dark and sinister. Thereís great emotion delivered here making you feel the power and passion in each and every track. The band does a superb job of combining dance energy with melody. While each song will make you want to move, you canít resist the deeper feelings offered here as well.

This CD cannot be compared to any other electro-industrial, EBM, or synth-pop release before it. Stromkern have their own style and their music is refreshing. For those who feel that electro-industrial, EBM and synth-pop is starting to grow stale these days need to check out Stromkern. You will be pleasantly surprised with their sound and originality.