Album: "The Winds Of War" (1997)
Label: Mere Mortal Productions
Style: Electro Goth
Songs: 8


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album opens with a slow, moody, melodic, beautiful, and haunting instrumental. The next song "Will" is medium paced and uses electronics mixed with dark haunting synths and deep male vocals. The next song "Purity" is a little more fast paced and uses electronics a lot more. Synths can barely be heard in the background. It's an enegetic and catchy song with good vocals. The fourth song "Hope" is another beautiful synth driven instrumental. It's very moody and romantic. The fifth song "Ice Angel" has a slight synth-pop sound to it with sci-fi electronics mixed with melodic keyboard harmonies and well sung vocals. The sixth song "Lifetime" is a bit darker and slow paced, but still very catchy with an excellent vocal overlaying technique that really adds to the enjoyment of the track. The seventh song "Extinction" is yet another dark and moody instrumental. It's beautiful, but a bit repetitive. The eighth song "You Live In My Dreams" is extremely slow with a piano and wind chimes creating the overall music, while the vocals are basically just the reading of poetry. The chorus kind of livens things up a bit, and makes the song a little more interesting. This album features extremely well composed music and powerful singing. My only complaint here is that there are eight songs, and only five of them actually include vocals. But this is a minor gripe considering the overall quality of this album. If you're a fan of beautiful dark and haunting goth music, you will enjoy this album quite a bit.