Album: "Isolate" (1997)
Label: NRAD
Style: Coldwave
Songs: 5


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is an extremely harsh and aggressive noise industrial band that come out of Canada. Track one "Non-Element" is an opening instrumental that consists of basically ambient sounds and samples. This type of thing just seems like filler and I get nothing from it. Track two "Inferior" is a very noisy, angry and aggressive guitar thrashing coldwave song with extremely distorted vocals. It's dark and pissed off and does rock. But it doesn't really sound like anything new. Track three "Newstate" is another noisy, distorted, angry and aggressive guitar thrashing coldwave track that doesn't really offer anything to make it exciting. Track four "Infected" is yet another noisy coldwave song that is nothing but pure shouting rage that only lasts for two minutes. Track five "Isolate And Purify" has a little more variety to it with actual rhythms and beats combined with some cool electronic sounds and whispered vocals combined with shouting. This is the best track on the album and shows that this band can be more creative if they want to be. I could not handle a full length release packed with the kind of noisy songs that are here. I hope on their next CD they include more songs like "Isolate And Purify". That I could enjoy.