Album: "Rare & Unreleased" (1999)
Label: Metropolis Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a collection of rare and unreleased Swamp Terrorists material dating as far back as 1987. There are even a few new tracks here as well. Usually with collection albums such as this, you can really hear a big difference between a band's older and newer material. However, Swamp Terrorists have not changed over the years. Their newer music doesn't really sound a lot different from their older music. While I don't like bands to completely change their sound, I do like them to try new ideas on each album. The problem that I have always had with Swamp Terrorists is that all of their songs basically sound the same. The songs on this album are mainly remixes of their previous material. They don't sound a lot different from the originals.

This band makes heavy and aggressive techno industrial music with a lot of dance floor ready rhythms & beats combined with heavy sampled guitars. While the music is energy packed, it's not very full. It lacks melody. It's just fast paced repetitive techno music with a lot of guitar over it. The vocals are accented rough and angry shouting. The singer sounds the same on each song never trying anything new. I would think that with a band creating music for as many years as Swamp Terrorists have been, they would at least mature with their sound and try something new. But they keep dishing out the same old tired heavy techno industrial music they always have.

This album is good to have if you want a collection of Swamp Terrorists material all on one CD. But if you have any previous Swamp Terrorists albums, there really isn't any reason to get this unless you want a bunch of remixes of songs you have already heard.


Album: "Killer" (1996)
Label: Metropolis Records
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Take techno beats, extremely heavy guitar, and slightly distorted deep voiced hip-hop style vocals, and you get Swamp Terrorists. This music is energetic and club friendly. You won't find a slow song on this album. This band's goal is to make you get up and move. I usually don't like hip-hop style singing, but it works here. Also, there is some singing mixed with the blurting of words. It's combined very well to give a unique sound. Theguitars are a nice touch, too. They give this music a metal edge. The techno beats are what really groove, and are extremely catchy. My onlycomplaint is that the singer does have a good voice, and proves that he can sing. But usually just blurts out words in a hip-hop style on every song. I don't mind when he does this, but singing on a few of the songs would have added more variety. As it is now, the songs don't differ from each other too much. But if you want an energetic album with a dance floor flavor, I would highly recommend this album to you.