Album: "Multiple Insertions" (1995)
Label: Pan Handler Production
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Track one is computer information for your PC or Mac. Track two is just scratchy high pitched electronic noises. Track three is where the album actually begins with a song called "Animal". This song rocks with great samples, electronic sound effects, synths, distorted screaming vocals, and heavy guitar. But the album takes a turn after this song. The songs "Distract", "Moving Pictures", "In Darkness", "Sweat & Moan", and "Destroy 4U" all sound pretty much the same. They are repetitive and repeat the same beats and lyrics. The vocals seem more high pitched as well. But they are still good songs. They just don't include a lot of variety and diversity. The song "Zombie" is very similar to "Animal" featuring aggressive distorted vocals and heavy guitar. There is also an instrumental here called "Hard & Fast". It's pretty cool because it's fast paced with electronics and samples. So you get seven songs and one instrumental on this album. By the way, if you have a PC or Mac you can put this CD in your computer for some cool pictures, live footage, and information on the band.