Album: "Glinda Street" (1998)
Label: Tone Casualties
Style: Ambient/experimental
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

What is given here is what I like to call sound art. It's not actually music, but instead various electronic and organic sound effects, keyboard melodies and drum beats combined to make ambient/experimental soundscapes. Everything is rather dreary, dark and cold and plays at a very slow and mellow pace. It reminds me of music you would hear in a television show, classic cartoon, or movie when they create mood and suspense. I can't really understand it's appeal just listening to it on its own as it seems like it should be placed into TV or film. I guess some just like to play this for the atmosphere it creates. I personally don't get anything from it myself and find it rather difficult to actually listen to. Everything here sounds basically the same never really changing much from track to track. I really am not able to tell when one track has ended and the next has begun in a lot of cases. This makes the album seem as if only one song plays from start to finish. If you like ambient/experimental music that is very artistic you will like this album.