Album: "Sadness Deluxe" (2000)
Label: Stato Nascente
Style: Dark rock
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Syrian is a dark rock band from Italy. They blend deep accented male vocals, enchanting female vocals, heavy guitar, bass, drums, electronic programming and synth melodies together to make for some rather powerful and passionate music.

There are a lot of shifting moods and emotions found in the songs offered here really giving them a lot of range. Some tracks are guitar heavy rock, while others are a bit more melodic with greater uses of electronics and keyboards. This is nice for variety as it makes the songs stand apart.

This band is great at blending heaviness with beauty to create a roller coaster ride of feelings. My only real complaint here is that sometimes the male vocalist sounds as if he’s singing with an overdone deep thick accent that just doesn’t sound natural. Also, I would like to hear female vocals blended in the songs more as they really add a dimension to these tracks that is somewhat lacking without them. And, of course, I would prefer a greater inclusion of electronic programming and less guitar. But, for the most part, this band does a good job of balancing out all of the instruments here so that nothing ever really dominates. They do mix male and female vocals on most of the songs as well making for a nice contrast.

This CD is recommended to fans of dark rock, goth and even darkwave music. There’s something here for everyone who enjoys dark music.