Album: self-titled (2001)
Label: n/a
Style: Electro-industrial / EBM
Songs: 4


Reviewed by: Darklight

The Sepia deliver good quality electro-industrial/EBM on this demo. Their music is energetic with fast paced electronic programming, driving beats, dramatic melodies, guitars and clear male vocals.

All of the songs offered here would be great for the dance floor. They are packed with energy and offer a lot of moving beats. The only problem that I have with these songs is that while they do include vocals, they are not in the songs very much. The music takes center stage here with only the slight addition of vocals. So these songs end up almost sounding like instrumentals. Itís not a big issue, but I would have liked to of heard singing in the songs more.

The Sepia prove on this demo that they are more than capable of making high quality electro-industrial/EBM. A label needs to sign them immediately.