Album: "Quench"
Label: n/a
Style: Dark electro experimental/ambient
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

The Synthetic Dream Foundation is yet another new band to come along and produce dark and dreary electro experimental/ambient music without vocals. Is there a big demand for this style of music that I am not aware of? Because there have been a lot of these types of bands popping up recently. Some are good and some are not so good. Unfortunately, The Synthetic Dream Foundation falls into the latter category of not being that good.

All of the tracks here are extremely slow and dull. They creep along at a snailís pace and basically put me to sleep. While they are dark and dramatic with a slight orchestrated sound, they just donít pull me in or hold my interest. I was tired of listening to each track almost the instant that they begin. I forced myself to sit through each of the nine tracks here in order to write this review. And let me tell you that it was nail biting and aggravating. Itís really hard to take several minutes of the same repetitive drone sounds and melodies these tracks offer.

If youíre a big fan of dark electro experimental/ambient instrumentals, then you might like what this album has to offer. But I have personally heard much better, and donít feel that this band brings anything new or different to the table.