Album: "Conspiracy Of Silence"
Label: Silent Noise Recordings (2001)
Style: Synth-Pop
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Terminal Bliss is not to be confused with Terminal Choice or Terminal Sect. Those are both dark electro-industrial bands. Terminal Bliss is a melodic synth-pop band similar to Depeche Mode. Maybe too similar. The music delivered here resembles Depeche Mode so closely that it’s borderline copycat. From the music to the vocals, you would probably mistake this project as Depeche Mode if you heard it without knowing it was Terminal Bliss. But since Depeche Mode is such a great band, this really shouldn’t be a big concern for fans of similar sounding synth-pop music. But I personally would have liked a little more originality brought to the table myself.

This is fairly standard cookie-cutter synth-pop music. The songs are made up of mid-tempo electronic programming, solid beats, beautiful synth melodies and deep clear untreated male vocals that sing with harmony. There’s a crisp, clean, well produced polish to this overall recording offering a high quality sound. Daniel Cain (AKA Terminal Bliss) is a talented musician and singer.

Unfortunately, all of the songs here basically sound the same. Everything is rather slow and melodic. It would have been nice to have some club tracks. But, instead, the music comes off as calm and relaxed never fast enough for the dance floor. Also, there’s just not enough variety here. Once you’ve heard one song on this CD, you’ve basically heard them all.

If you’re a Depeche Mode fan, this album is a must. But if you like your synth-pop a little more club friendly, you might want to pass.