Album: "Corporation"
Label: DSBP (2003)
Style: IDM
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Jeff Danos returns with his follow-up to Bioplaza. Unfortunately, it's not a very good return for him. Bioplaza was a mixture of dark electro-industrial with distorted vocals and experimental instrumentals. However, this Corporation CD is completely experimental with funky upbeat electronic music similar to Haujobb. The more structured songs with some energy and Jeff's clear sung vocals are fairly good. But the electro instrumentals, which make up most of this CD, are just too weird and experimental for me.

Jeff does show a lot of thought and creativity in this music, but none of that matters if it's not entertaining to listen to. It's interesting, but more for its technical aspects and nothing else.

Jeff is definitely an artistic audio developer, but the music he offers here is just too bizarre and out there for me to enjoy. The majority of music featured here is slow creeping along at a crawl with various electronic sounds, effects and beats going off in every direction possible.

One track here, "Promise of God", includes samples of Jeff's two year old child making all sorts of cute baby talk. This is just one example of how completely opposite this music is compared to what I usually listen to. Jeff is obviously a happy family man featuring songs here that include vocals by both his wife and child. There's nothing dark, angry, or aggressive about his music now. It just sounds like some guy having fun with his toys instead of making music that people will actually want to listen to. I'm sure that there are people out there that will enjoy his odd, experimental mix of electronic sounds and effects, but I'm not one of them.


Album: "Bioplaza"
Label: Test 01 (1999)
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Testube is the solo electro industrial project of Jeff Danos. He has managed to make one of the most interesting electro industrial CDs I have heard in a while. At first listen I thought that this CD was good, but it wasn't until multiple listens that I really started to hear all of the variety and diversity this CD had to offer. Each and every song found here manages to do something new and different. The overall feel of the music is somewhat dark with a slight futuristic sci-fi edge. Everything plays along at a medium pace, and a lot of the tracks could most likely work on the dance floor. However, this is the type of music that I like to pay close attention to as it has so much happening in it. It's quite obvious while listening to this music that Jeff Danos likes to experiment with a lot of different sound layering techniques and effects. The end result is interesting and enjoyable electronic music that you will want to listen to over and over again. There are vocals on most of the tracks. Most of them feature typical distorted growling. But on occasion Jeff actually sings without distortion. This adds variety to the songs. One of the tracks "Ovary Act" includes dark and dreary female vocals. They're a nice touch. The tracks that stand out the most in my opinion are "Dance Of Limbs", "Bride Of Science", "Contrast" and "Cure For Your Plagues". These songs are simply incredible in every way possible. There are a few instrumentals included as well that are quite good. The only bad track here is "Powdercoat". It's a simplistic and annoying noise track that is out of place. It puts a snag in the flow of the CD. It should have either been placed as the last track, or left off the CD completely. The bottom line is that this CD has a lot of creative and interesting electro industrial music to listen to. If you like bands such as Dark Illumination, Decoded Feedback, Imperative Reaction, Leaether Strip, Pulse Legion, Velvet Acid Christ, etc., you will like what this CD has to offer.