Album: "An Embassy To Gaius" (1995)
Label: Projekt
Style: Acoustic goth
Songs: 24


Reviewed by: Darklight

Do you have problems falling to sleep? Well, if you do, just pop this CD into your stereo and you'll be out before you know it. This album is slow, mellow, melodic, harmonic, and just plain boring. It's acoustic guitar goth music with male vocals and an overall happy vibe. The music is very dull, and seems to be missing a lot of instruments. An acoustic guitar is pretty much all that creates the music here. There are some light sounds in the background, but they are barely noticeable. Sometimes the deep male vocals are joined by beautiful female vocals. But this doesn't really enhance the music. It's probably because electronics, synths, and drums don't exist. This is basically just acoustic guitars and singing. Every song sounds exactly the same. When I listened to this album I pictured a guy sitting in a chair playing his acoustic guitar with his lyric sheet in front of him. Avoid this album unless you need a sleeping aid.