Album: "Musique" (2000)
Label: Nuclear Blast America
Style: Industrial rock/metal
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Theatre Of Tragedy use to be a goth metal band combining angry deep rough growling male vocals with beautiful female singing. However, the band has changed their sound on this release to more industrial rock/metal music.

The songs offered here all stick to a similar style of hard, heavy and aggressive rock with a mix of semi-altered thick accented android sounding male vocals, angelic female vocals, heavy guitar, bass, percussion, electronics and synths. Nothing is ever slow here, but the songs do contain nice melodies within their playing courses to break up the fast paced delivery.

The problem that I have with this album is that all of the songs basically follow the same formula. Male android vocals talk out the lyrics over electronic music for the verses while female vocals sing over heavy guitar music for the choruses. While each song is good and contain some memorable hooks and choruses, they all tend to sound the same without allowing anything to stand out.

There is one song delivered here called “Crash/Concrete” that does stand out a bit as it’s darker and more serious than anything else. It includes a lot of creative twists and turns with male vocals that are deep, rough and powerful instead of sounding like an android. Basically, this is the only song here that sounds somewhat similar to the band’s older material. It’s too bad that the band didn’t deliver more songs like this here as the deep angry aggressive male vocals sound a lot better than the somewhat silly sounding thick accented android talking style male vocals.

Overall, this is a good solid industrial rock/metal album that is a lot better than what other similar acts such as Cat Rapes Dog have been offering lately. While there is a slight commercial mainstream sound to this recording, it still has a somewhat dark and serious underground edge to it that isn’t quite ready for MTV or the radio.

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