Album: "Hellraver" (1996)
Label: Dynamica
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Right away from hearing the first song "Ganglords" you know that this band is unique. It's as if death metal and techno collided. There are heavy thrashing guitars, harsh drum assaults, and raw throated deep voiced screaming mad vocals mixed with techno dance rhythms and high pitched whiney vocals. Every song sounds different from one another. But they each are extremely creative, original, and catchy. Mixing both metal and techno into one hybrid sound is a very original approach, and this band pulls it off pretty damn good. Some songs lean more toward techno influences while others tend to lean more toward metal influences. But they share both influences equally for the most part. My main complaint is that most of the songs are just too short. They seem to end before they should. With music as creative as this, you would expect each song to be at least six minuteslong. But unfortunately they only reach about three minutes each. But while they last they are extremely energetic and catchy, and just make you want to get up and move. Some of these songs would be excellent for the dance floor, while others would be great for the mosh pit. I love this combination, and it really makes this band stand out. My favorite songs are "Ganglords", "River", "Suffer", "Warning", "Nude", "Try The Way To Move", "View (What's This Life)", and "4 Steps Ahead". These eight songs especially stand out. But the entire album is great. It might not be for everyone, but for people looking for an incredibly original guitar based industrial album, this is it.