Ultraviolence / Project x / The chaos engine / K-nitrate @ the Garage, London - April 1st, 2000

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K-nitrate have reformed and hit the UK gigging scene with fervour. After 4 years without any sign of the band, ex-Cubanate man Graham Raynor (programming and vox) has gathered Christian Weber (drum pads, kicking the shit out of stuff) and Jo Theobald (guitars) and made a fucking loud techno-industrial noise. The venue is more than half empty, but still, K-nitrate are making the few people that are there, and are too drunk to be self-conscious, dance maniacally. Utilising ministry-style guitars, huge banging beats, searing vocals and malfunctioning electronics, they sound excellent-we await some new recorded material….By the time The Chaos Engine take to the stage, the venue is filling up. As usual Huw, Lee and Kelly rip stuff up-new album 'Obstinate' sounds great live as does the older stuff, especially 'purge.' The constant gigging has really tightened up the engine, making them sound 'fatter', giving them an edge over other UK industrial acts, check them out-and the new album. I feel the less said about Project x the better. Sorry guys, but 80's cheesy-synth industrial isn't my thing. They look good, but the deep-throated vocals and 'plinky-plink' electronics just don't do it for me. Still, the Goth's like it, so it can't be that bad!

Tonight ultimately belongs to Ultraviolence. For the uninitiated, Ultraviolence make hardcore gabba music; super-fast, banging beats combined with keyboards, female vocals and shouting (Ultraviolence were recently in the press as one of the top ten most unlistenable bands.) Trippy orchestral sounds play about, as a female voice recites 'Team Ultraviolence racing, fucking fast, hardcore.' Johnny Violent takes to the stage, the gabba beats begin to piston and everything goes mental. His trademark female vocalist sings and trades lines with him, there is live angle-grinding courtesy of Leechwoman's drummer, Roc, sending sparks 8 feet into the air, along with two gyrating cyberheads. The spectacle is amazing, as is the music, the highlights being 'masochist,' sounding excellent in its remixed form, with Johnny shouting 'I'm loving you/I'm coming' as the beats rage on. 'Hardcore motherfucker' sounds equally good, as does 'adultery' and new song 'sex.' The track 'E-heads must die' off his 'Shocker' LP blasts out, making everyone sway to the sounds of a nervous breakdown. Whilst this style of music will not appeal to metal fans (virtually no guitars) or to fans of that ilk of music, it is damn heavy, and extremely emotional-Mr Violent has some serious problems… 'London do you want some more?' -he shouts-'fuck off' comes the response from the crowd (it's what he asked for..) as he plays his last track for the night. It seemed impossible, but everything goes one notch higher, as he plays the track 'still' from the 'Killing God' LP. The track finishes, and it seems like an almighty comedown from the best trip you ever had. In a word…extreme.