Album: "Cross Contamination"
Label: Dtrash Technologies (2002)
Style: Electro experimental noise
Songs: 7


Reviewed by: Darklight

Unitus is the solo electro experimental noise project of Daniel Ross. And while Iím not the biggest fan of this style of music, I must admit that what is offered here is pretty good.

The music here is loud, noisy, chaotic, thunderous electro instrumentals featuring scratchy, dirty, static infested sounds, effects and samples along with bombastic beats and dark haunting melodies. This is some nasty and powerful music that isnít for the timid.

While this CD only features seven tracks, theyíre long clocking in at eight plus minutes each. The only problem with being so long is that they do become repetitive rather quickly. Thatís the main problem with everything offered hereÖit becomes rather redundant. The tracks donít sound all that different from each other, and tend to get old quickly.

While this isnít bad music in general, I just donít think it works simply as music you play in an audio player. I think it would be better suited for movies and video games. Because just listening to it by itself does become rather stale after a while.

But I must admit that out of almost all of the electro experimental noise acts that Iíve heard over the years, Unitus definitely stand out of the pack as one of the better ones.

By the way, thereís a hidden track here that comes in at track 23. Itís the best track on the CD. Itís the most structured song offered on this album. It sounds like an electro-industrial track. I hope Daniel goes in this direction on his next Unitus CD.