Album: "Initiation" (1998)
Brain Surgery Music
Heavy industrial/ambient
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

George Hagegeorge returns with his newest industrial project since his previous band Under The Noise. He really mixes it up on this album. There are straight forward heavy and aggressive guitar thrashy industrial tracks with distorted vocals, noisy tracks that are pure chaos, funky style songs with female vocals and experimental ambient instrumentals. While I do like variety, there is just too much on this album to allow it to flow smoothly from start to finish. This album sounds like a compilation as opposed to something done by one band. While I can accept heavy industrial mixed with funky dance electro with female singing, I just can't accept the boring ambient instrumentals. This album is an example of a musician just wanting to do too much with one project. There is no denying the fact that this album is good featuring a lot of quality music. My main complaint is that there are just too many musical styles delivered here. But if you like several different musical types all thrown onto one album, you will most likely enjoy this CD.