Album: "Cultural Minority" (2000)
Label: Mystic Music
Style: Industrial rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Uranium 235 is the latest industrial rock band to have a similar image and sound to Marilyn Manson, The Newlydeads, Orgy and Coal Chamber. But they're not just another generic mainstream industrial rock band wearing scary make-up. They actually put a lot of creativity and variety into their music. I will admit that they do create rather heavy rock music with a lot of guitars. But they mix in a lot of electronic programming and dark keyboard melodies as well. The singer changes his voice a lot in the songs. Sometimes he sings high pitched, while other times he sings deep and dreary. He definitely has a lot of range to his vocals. So much in fact that he sounds like a completely different singer at times. The songs switch between radio friendly rock (Radio Shut Down) and heavy, aggressive thrash metal (God Thing) to electro-pop (Stimulation). This band knows how to deliver variety. There are elements of Faith No More, Marilyn Manson, Ministry and Type O Negative in these songs. There are some great electronic sounds and haunting melodies to found in this music. More than is usually to be expected from a guitar rock band. As with all industrial rock bands before them, they do include a cover on this CD. Marilyn Manson did "Sweet Dreams", The Newlydeads did "Cities in Dust", Orgy did "Blue Monday" and Coal Chamber did "Shock the Monkey". This band does "You Spin Me Round" with "Tainted Love" thrown in the middle of it. They actually do this song very well, and it would probably gain them a lot of attention if it was played on the radio. While there are a few typical sounding commercial rock songs to be found on this CD, it mostly contains creative and interesting songs. This CD is definitely a good choice for those who like guitar heavy industrial music.