Album: (Various Artists - 1998)
Label: The United Endangered Front
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 17


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a seventeen track collection of songs delivered by the bands REDONJON, TESTUBE, EYE, FATE RAZOR, INFRASTRUCTURE, SMP, THE AZOIC, WAGE CLASS SLAVE, CLONE DT, FOCKEWOLF, BRIDE OF ATOM, NOTHING INSIDE, NOXIOUS EMOTION, WRACK PROCESS, AYA and ANTI-MUSIC FOUNDATION. Most of the tracks here sound like the typical American electro industrial music with distorted male growling, electronic programming, sampling, drum machines, etc. A lot of these bands release the anger, but not the drama. For some reason a lot of American electro industrial acts stay away from putting dramatic orchestrated synth melodies into their music. This in turn makes their music sound rather empty. The programming techniques used here are fairly simplistic and repetitive in nature. There isn't enough layering to the sound, variety, or changes delivered to keep things interesting. I think there is a reason a lot of these bands aren't well known in the industrial music scene, and that's because they don't really do anything new. Also, what they do create just isn't that exciting. There are the exceptions of course. I feel that the tracks performed by TESTUBE, EYE, SMP, THE AZOIC, FOCKEWOLF, NOTHING INSIDE and NOXIOUS EMOTION are all very good. There's just really nothing else on this CD that excites me. This isn't a bad compilation for the most part, but I found myself skipping past a lot of the songs while listening to it.