Artist: Various Artists (1998)
Label: Hollows Hill Sound Recordings
Style: Goth
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a gothic music compilation featuring songs from  SYMPHONY OF TERROR, APOCALYPSE THEATRE, SHADOW PROJECT, SKULL FLUX, THE FILMSTRIP, NOCTURNE, CONFESSION OF FAITH, GITANE DEMONE, NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, NEEDULHED, DICHOTOMY, HEXENHAUS, MORGANA ATHENA  and FUNERAL IN BERLIN. I myself have not heard of most of these bands before and this album is a good way to get familar with their music to see if they are indeed bands that you will like or not. As with almost all compilations there are of course songs that I feel stand out a lot more than others. I personally enjoy "Forever Came Today" performed by SHADOW PROJECT, "3-Peat" performed by SKULL FLUX, "What Seeks The Land" performed by CONFESSION OF FAITH, "Anastasia" performed by NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE, "Rajababa" performed by NEEDULHED and "Assemblage Of The Desolate" performed by HEXENHAUS. Everything else here is good as well, but seems a little too basic and generic in my opinion. If you like old school guitar goth rock music with a traditional flavor to it as opposed to a more modern electronic one, this album is something that you should pick up to discover some great bands. Also, this is a good compilation in itself just for a mix of some really good songs.