Artist: Various Artists
Label:  Dystopian Records
Style:  Electro-industrial / EBM
Songs:  16


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a nicely put together compilation disc featuring a thick booklet with notes included from each of the bands featured here talking about the future. This is due to the theme of this compilation being the future.

A plus about this CD is that 12 of the 16 tracks are either unreleased or exclusive to this album. However, the bands providing songs on this album are a mixed bag. The bands that I was already familiar with, such as Deathline International, Flesh Field, Assemblage 23, Snog, Project-X, Cenobita, God Module and Negative Format all deliver excellent tracks. Unfortunately, the bands I have not heard of before such as Railgun, Takshaka, Stromkern, Monstrum Sepis, Pain Fetish, Injury, ELF and Digital Blood deliver lackluster songs in my opinion.

While I usually like compilation CDs because they introduce me to new bands that I normally might not have discovered, none of the bands here that I didnít already know about will make me want to seek out any material released by them. Their music just isnít that entertaining in my opinion.

While it might sound tempting to get this CD just for the unreleased material by the more popular well known artists here, keep in mind that they are all remixes of songs that have already appeared on their albums. And I personally like the original versions a lot more.

This would be a good compilation for those who have yet to discover some of the more interesting electro-industrial/EBM bands making music today and want to get an idea of what they sound like. But there is a lot of mediocre songs to be found here as well.