Russian Gothic Compilation

Album: Various Artists (2000)
Label: Russian Gothic Project
Style: Goth
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

This CD contains a varied collection of gothic music from Russia. The bands featured on this album include: Canonis, Caprice, Romowe Rikoito, No Man's Land, Neutral, Dvar, Damsel's Dream, Phantom Bertha, Dreams, Cyclotimia, Lunophobia, Djembe, Kratong, Moon Far Away, TNT Art and Cisfinitum. I myself have never heard of any of these particular bands before. But I must admit that they're all quite good. The overall music these bands produce is dark, dramatic and orchestrated with a medievel celtic feel to it. Some tracks feature male vocals while others feature female vocals. Some lyrics are sung in English, while others are sung in Russian. Some songs are ethereal darkwave, while others are more energetic with a goth rock vibe. These bands do a great job of expressing different moods within their music. There's a cold haunting beauty present in most of the songs. Everything is dramatic and passionate with a lot of emotion and feeling.
       If you like gothic music of any kind, you should definitely get this CD. It's packed full of variety and plenty of songs to keep you listening for a long time.

For more information regarding this CD and Russian gothic music; visit The Russian Gothic Page at: www.gothic.ru