Album: (Various Artists - 1999)
Label: T.R. Records
Style: Industrial / Goth
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

This sixteen track CD includes songs by: D'HIVER MORT (aka Disintegration Chamber/Slave to Synthea), INTEGRITY 236, and URSULA-X. D'hiver Mort provide the first ten tracks delivered here, and they're the best this compilation has to offer. These ten songs are dark, evil and intense. They blend haunting goth moods with metal guitars and industrial electronics. They feature a combination of deep dreary male growling and beautifully soothing female singing. There's a lot happening in these songs that keep them interesting from start to finish. The variety throughout is what makes these tracks stand out so much. There are layers upon layers of different instruments and electronic programming combined to create great rhythms, beats and harmonies. The emotions twist and turn every step of the way with calm moments turning into psychotic fits of rage. I have always liked unpredictable music, and that's exactly what D'hiver Mort is delivering here. They manage to mix so many different musical styles into one and make it work extremely well.
       The last six songs on this CD are provided by Integrity 236 and Ursula-X. They're nothing to get too excited about. Integrity 236 delivers four songs that are rather dull and empty dark industrial with guitar, sparse electronics and repetitive drum programming. The vocals are extremely muffled and distorted. Ursula-X provides the last two songs on the CD. These songs feature the same style of guitars, minimalistic electronics, redundant drum programming and extremely distorted male yelling as the Integrity 236 songs.
       The bottom line is that the first ten songs on this CD by D'hiver Mort make this a must have for fans of dark industrial-goth music. The last six songs on the CD provided by Integrity 236 and Ursula-X should just be considered bonus tracks.