Album: (Various Artists - 1999)
Label: Skully Records
Style: Gothabilly
Songs: 21


Reviewed by: Darklight

What do you get when you combine rockabilly music with goth? Gothabilly of course! This CD is an original concept that is quite humorous and entertaining. If Elvis had made goth songs, this is what they would have sounded like. This is basically rockabilly with a comical gothic edge.
       The bands that contribute tracks here include: Cult of The Psychic Fetus, Mr. Badwrench, Psychonauts, Deadbolt, Phantom Cowboys, Deep Eynde, Agent X And The Kill Villains, The Independents, 8 Ball Grifter, The Hallowteens, Empress of Fur, The Brain Bats, Barnyard Ballers, The Witching Hour, Brickbats and Electric Bird Noise.
       The entire album basically sounds like the Stray Cats, but with dark themed lyrics that come off as humorous. The songs are made up of funky upbeat guitar, bass and energetic drum beats with swinging vocals. Everything is well done and produced to perfection. If you want a good party CD, this would be a wise choice. Itís sure to make everyone want to get up and dance.