Artist: Various Artists (1998)
Label: Cleopatra Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 36


Reviewed by: Darklight

In celebration of the five year anniversary for the European industrial label Hard Records, Cleopatra Records has compiled this excellent three CD set that includes various artists from the Hard Records label. The bands featured here include: BIRMINGHAM 6, GODHEADS, LIGHTS OF EUPHORIA, GOOD COURAGE, DECODED FEEDBACK, CONSEQUENCE, SUICIETY, CONTROLLED FUSION, DIGITAL FACTOR, NEOTEK, T.H.D., LUC VAN ACKER, IN ABSENTIA, BRAIN LEISURE and MAX M. These are all great bands and some of their better material has been included here for your listening enjoyment. The music on all of these songs is created with electronic sequencing, synths, sampling and drum programming. This is pure 100% electronic music with a dance edge. There are vocals on almost every song and they range from clean accented singing to distorted growling. Disc 1 features original album versions of songs, disc 2 features remixes and disc 3 features rare and unreleased tracks. So there is a lot of variety delivered here. Everything has energy and fast paced techno electronic rhythms mixed with melodic synth harmonies, samples and driving drum beats. These songs would have people rushing out onto the dance floor. There isn't a bad track delivered here. All thirty six songs are good. The bottom line is that if you're a fan of European style electro industrial music, you can't go wrong with this release.