Album: (Various Artists - 2000)
Label: MCT Productions
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This compilation CD contains songs from the following bands: HYPERDEX-1-SECT, CLOCK DVA, ZODIAC, OMNI, TYROPHEX 14, ELECTRO ASSASSIN, ATTRITION, INTERACT, SHEEP ON DRUGS and MODULE. The majority of music delivered here is hyper electro-industrial/EBM that would work well on the dance floor. Frantic electronic programming mixed with ambient soundscapes and distorted angry growling male vocals is mainly what is offered here. There is also the occasional instrumental featuring drum & bass elements combined with experimental sounds and noises. I especially enjoy the tracks performed by Hyperdex-1-Sect (Mind), Omni (Peak Level), Electro Assassin (Dreamweb), Interact (Scent of Man) and Sheep on Drugs (Let The Good Times Roll). What makes this CD even more appealing is the fact that eight of the tracks are exclusive to this compilation. So not only are you getting a CD packed with great music, it's music that you can't find anywhere else.