Artist: Various Artists (1998)
Label: Delinquent Records
Style: Coldwave/Electro industrial
Songs: 36


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a two CD compilation album with songs delivered by the bands: NAKED LUNCH, CHAINGUN OPERATE, STATE OF BEING, DENIAL, NEIN CREED, RASH, MINDLESS FAITH, ATTRITION, BISEXION 69, NIMBUS, DARK ND AGGRESSIVE, GRACE OVERTHRONE, A SOUND THRASHING, WAKE UP CALL, SYNCHRO NINE FACTOR, GLAMPIRE, INDUSTRY ELEVEN, U.N.I., ANGRY WHITE MOB, EYE, MAINTENANCE OF ORDER, BOZO PORNO CIRCUS, CYCLOTRON, DOGMACHINE, NEUROACTIVE, WARM LEATHERETTE, DEEP BLUE BLACK, THE HILLSIDE STRANGLERS, INTROSPECT VOID, BRIDE OF THE ATOM, LOVE IN THE ASYLUM, LATERAL TENSION, NEUROGOD, SILENCE TXT, DEISIX and 5000 FINGERS. With this many bands, this is a great compilation collection to really get familar with some of the newer industrial acts out there today. Most of the songs delivered here are of the angry and aggressive guitar crossover coldwave style. However, there's still great doses of electronics, synths and sampling present in these songs as well. As with any compliation collection, there are of course some songs that stand out more than others. Some of these bands you will wonder why you've never heard of them before while others it's clear why you haven't. In other words, some of these bands are great and some just don't make the cut. But almost everything here is good. With 36 songs, it won't matter if you have to skip past a few bad ones to get to the good ones. If you're a fan of heavy guitar crossover style industrial music, you just can't go wrong with this two CD collection. It will provide you with enough music to keep you occupied for quite a long time.