Album: Various Artists
Label: n/a
Style: Power noise / experimental / electro-industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This eleven song various artists collection features music by Recluse, Korosa, Meson, DV:[0]:15, Rnhikaket, Vesicant, Lament Configuration, Meatmarket, Intricate Unit, Travis Morgan and Human Landscapes. Most of these artists create power noise/experimental music. I am personally not a fan of this style of music and donít really see the appeal in it. In my opinion itís just a noisy disjointed mess of chaotic sounds and effects going haywire without any structure or direction. I find it to be dull, drab, repetitive and annoying. I donít see the creativity, skill, or imagination in it. Itís rather simplistic and basic. To me it just sounds like a computer crashing or a modem making a connection.

Anyway, there are a few bands here that actually offer more structured type electro-industrial music with vocals. These include Meson, Vesicant, Meatmarket and Intricate Unit. It is a bit unfair to group these four bands with the others here as they are actually pretty good. I have no idea what they are doing on this compilation as they are quite different from the seven other bands here. Intricate Unit is especially good offering the best song on the album with its EBM edge. I would definitely like to hear more music by them.

The bottom line is that most of the music found on this various artists collection is power noise/experimental with only about four bands that lean more toward electro-industrial. Therefore, you will most likely have to be a fan of power noise/experimental music to appreciate this album. Those of you who like electro-industrial music will probably enjoy four of the eleven tracks offered here.