Artist: Various Artists (1997)
Label: Musicus Phycus
Style: Experimental
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This CD contains ten different experimental sound art tracks performed by different acts. For the most part the material found here is basically just obscure noises and sound effects. Most of this you couldn't even consider music for the fact that it's just noises. I guess this would be considered old school industrial music where everything is made up of clanking metal sounds, hitting oil drums, using power tools and  including obscure sounds and samples as well. I find this to actually be quite annoying and don't really see what one gets from it. I could take a tape recorder out on the street for a few hours and record a bunch of sounds and mix them together and come up with exactly what is delivered on this CD. If you want a CD full of sounds and noises, this is a good choice as it has plenty of them. But if you want a CD with actual music on it that includes emotion, feeling, and rhythms and beats, this is not for you. I would like to mention that the last track delivered here by the band Phycus is actually quite good. It's dark and haunting with a gothic sound and dreary vocals. It's out of place on this CD considering that nothing else here sounds anything like it. But it does make the CD slightly better.


*Note from Rabies: The only cool thing about this compilation is that it also comes with a real circular saw blade. Perfect for destroying the CD after you hear the drivel you wasted your hard-earned money on.