Artist: Various Artists (1997)
Label: 21st Circuitry Records
Style: Various industrial
Songs: 15


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album is a cover compilation of 80's new wave/synth-pop songs being covered by various industrial bands. It's a good concept that actually works. The songs that I like include: Assemblage 23 (I Ran), Beauty (Red Skies), Out Out (Candy-O), Kevorkian Death Cycle (Never Say Never), Battery (The Chauffer), Hate Dept. (Master And Servant), Collide (Whip It), Sabotage Q.C.Q.C. (Sex Dwarf) and Acumen (Whisper To A Scream). These are all excellent industrial covers of the original songs. However, I don't really care for: 16 Volt (Turning Japanese), Luxt (Cars), Scar Tissue (Destination Unknown), Black Metal Box (I Want Candy) and Templebeat (You Spin Me Round). They are just boring versions of the songs that don't sound quite finished or are missing that special little something that would give them an edge. The bottom line is that I am sure you will like enough songs on this album to make it worth picking up.