Album: (Various artists - 1999)
Label: Chthonic Streams
Style: Various goth
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This CD contains songs and instrumentals by: HOWDEN/WAKEFORD, EMPYRIUM, ARCANE ART, ANIMA IN FLAMME, FUNERARY CALL, NOTHUS FILIUS MORTIS, KEROVNIAN, GRUNTS PLATTER, 15 DELIGHTS OF DIONYSIUS, 4TH SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE, DREAM INTO DUST and BACKWORLD. What these bands deliver is dark, cold, eerie and disturbing gothic music. There's a lot of variety from song to song. Some tracks are mellow with ambient textures, while others are more harsh with noise. Electric and acoustic guitar is combined with violin, piano and keyboards. The vocals range from deep dreary singing, to spoken word. The overall CD has a rather haunting feel to it. It can be quite chilling at times with strange and odd experimental music that would give a lot of people an uneasy feeling. If you want music that will scare children and give adults nightmares, this CD has just what you're looking for.